Staff Personals 2016

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Staff Personals

Because even magazine writers want to get laid

by the Staff of The Blue and White

After spending Valentine’s evening drunk at the movies once again, the staff of The Blue and White is ready to return to the world of love. Should these vulnerable, earnest essays (which nonetheless exude sexual maturity [and undeniable potency]) move the reader to the appropriate human response, the ads are followed by our personal mailbox numbers.



Consent educator feeling enthusiastic. (5899)

Recovering ironist lookin’ for a Midwestern gal (Ruggles 601)

Visual arts enthusiast inspired to explore a new medium. (1807)

I’ve got a supply for your demand. (5886)

Boston native wants to put cream in your pie. (6082)

McBain resident just wants something clean. (4810)



Senior looking to up my cardio before the swim test. (1203)

It was between here and the campus snap story. (8829)

MESAAS major looking to be decolonized. (5268)

There is no Aviation department here, but I’d really like to test my landing strip. (3000)

I’m into old white men. (Hamilton Hall)

British-born and eager to deconstruct colonialism. (1963)

Cub reporter seeks to bare all. (3086)



Me: rising editor-in-chief of prominent campus publication. 

You: first year stunned senseless by power. (5857)

Red tape-loving administrator aching to get tied up. (Low Library)

Looking for large, reflective surface. (President’s House)

I stole your piece. You stole my heart. (Frat Row)

Furnald RA trying to break my floor’s dry spell. (8291)

Heat isn’t working and I’m looking to stay warm. (9686)

Looking for the owl? It’s in my vagina. (Alma Mater)