Mar 2016 Letter from the Editor

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Letter from the Editor

Ah, midterms season, the time you really start to feel the weight of your procrastination. Did you really start your assignments the day you got them this semester? Have you been keeping up on your reading for classes this time, like you vowed you would during stressful cramming session the semester before? I for one am writing this letter at 2am in the library after having put if off for several days. Fitting, no?


While I may be wishing at the moment that I were a fictional Columbia student, I can almost smell Spring Break’s arrival in Butler’s musty hallways. And when I finally do escape campus and make it considerably farther south than 110th Street, I will be celebrating with some bubbly–perhaps a bottle of Bollinger champagne. Speaking of PrezBo, click here if you want to learn about our friend Lee’s undergraduate legacy as the vice president of student government at the University of Oregon.

Semesters, like seasons, come in cycles. March feels like a transitory stage, an interim period–even the weather can’t make up its mind. To read about another entity that is currently in flux, the Barnard library, click here. Still, I am comforted by the fact that each day has a few more minutes of sunlight than the last. The queer student groups at Columbia have also evolved for the better in recent memory, becoming more intersectional and engaging with the outside community.


Soon we’ll all be basking on Low Steps and enjoying the part of spring semester that actually feels like spring. For now, I will try to appreciate each day as it comes. Unless that includes being stuck in a campus
. Never fear, March comes in like a ferocious midterms lion and out like a sweet Bacchanal
lamb. Enjoy the issue!



Channing Prend