December 2016 Verily Veritas

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Told Between Puffs

In which our hero faces a new brand of disaffection

by Verily Veritas

For once in a long time, Verily Veritas does not know where to go from here. He was so ready! He thought everyone else was too. It doesn’t make sense, what choice was there but to be with her? How did Hillary lose? So much can be said on why this Clinton would not be the optimal choice, our hero considers this, but Verily has always been a pragmatic boy. One for the safe decision and always one that can tell where he stands with popular sentiment (and it’s always the right side). Such a New Yorker. Oh how he thought the stars, the states, had aligned to pull through for the indomitable, inevitable Mrs. Clinton.


How could our intelligent, well- learned Verily have mis-calculated?


Of course, as you likely can tell, the young Mr. Veritas is white. Indeed this fact has shielded our hero from having to personally reconcile America’s rhetoric of a home of the free or a land of liberty and justice for all to its varyingly racist inhabitants and its ever racist mechanisms and institutions. This was, among many things, a white lash to a black president. Verily was watching CNN as Vann Jones said those words. Could it be, that even though we had a black president that there might still be a bastion of racist people in this country seething to get more comfort- able under an orange Hitler? Could it be, that even with a black attorney general, even this far into the 21st century, there were still systematically racist laws and protocols that suppressed voters in many states? The states that happened to decide the election? ID laws that block primarily blacks and latinos 12 in southern states? Ruthless gerrymandering? Could it truly have become a racist matter, the fact that felons cannot vote?


Fuck. Our hero realized in the media frenzied and thought-piece aftermath of November 9th. Of course it all is.


Verily has been holed up with his Cavalier King Charles, little Wadsworth, making himself Sazerac after Sazerac until he ran out of absinthe.


He did just sign a petition asking the electoral college to “safeguard American integrity” because that is why the founding fathers created them right? To prevent a populist movement if it threatened liberty itself? The prudent Verily had those man’s pictures on his wall throughout his schooling years. Maybe they don’t know everything about how America works. Go figure, young V. Though it still stands that our hero has been shook. Has America ever had integrity? How can you keep a racist, misogynist man from power when our country is and has always been racist and misogynist and led by racists and misogynists? Why did he not challenge his society acquaintances who said the post-Obama country would be post-racial? Why did he think “post-racial” was ever a goal?


Come a month into America under Trump, will our Hero continue to care? Will he show up to a Trump protest? Will he show up to a Black Lives Matter protest? Will he volunteer with the ACLU? Will he call his local congressman?


Only time will tell.