December 2016 Letter from the Editor

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Letter from the Editor


They say that music has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours. We hope that this issue of the Blue and White has the same effect of transporting you away from the stress of finals, if only for a short period. Speaking of music, in this issue, senior editor Ben Schneider looks into the history of CU Records and the process they went through to secure student recording space in Lerner (see p. 14). Ned Russin also tries to uncover the history of Rites of Spring, a hardcore band that performed at Columbia in the 1980s (see p. 20).


It seems like my editor’s letters frequently devolve into an appeal to slow down and appreciate life on campus or to be kinder to your fellow students. And while this may be redundant, this advice applies during finals season more than ever. With the end of the semester fast approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life here. There’s always another problem set or paper or exam to study for. It’s important however, to take a break to throw some clay (p. 6), or walk around Union Theological Seminary (p. 13), or check out a zine from Barnard’s Zine Library (p. 6).


Finally, I’d like to give a brief farewell as this is my last issue as editor-in-chief. In my first editor’s letter one year ago I said that the purpose of the Blue and White was to capture the disparate fragments of life that make our time at Columbia so vivid. And while it is impossible to encapsulate a single Columbia experience, I hope that you saw a little bit of your own Columbia and also glimpsed someone else’s. But mostly, I hope that something you read this past year has made you think, see, or experience Columbia in a new way.


— Channing Prend