April 2016 Letter from the Editor

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Letter from the Editor

My response to seeing admitted students at Days on Campus depends largely on my mood. Sometimes I feel like I could wax endlessly about the virtues of the Core and all but thrust a copy of the Iliad into their hands. Other times I have the urge to grasp their shoulders and shake them while shouting, “pick any other school–no really, any.” Columbia has a tendency to invoke conflicting emotions.

Along those lines, there is something that I find both reinvigorating and depressing about Days on Campus. The new students are filled with enthusiasm and this reminds me of the freedom and possibility I felt on my own revisit day. I could be anyone I wanted to be at Columbia.

But at some point in our four years here each one of us has to decide the impact we want to have on this campus. Some of us choose the limelight, running for positions in CCSC or starring in the Varsity show. Some of us choose to spend our time editing campus publications. Some of us get involved in activism or Israel/Palestine discourse. And some of us choose to slip by unnoticed by the majority of campus.

While Columbia’s student body is constantly in flux, the physical campus is more or less set in stone (although additional sculptures may be installed at the administration’s discretion). In this issue we explore some of the lesser known spots on campus, including Earl Hall and the Barnard Greenroof. We also head a few blocks south and hear about the Great Organ at St. John the Divine.

With that said, please enjoy our final issue of this academic year. Enjoy the summer and the respite from this campus. And to the Class of 2016, enjoy your permanent respite. You will be missed.



Channing Prend