The Magazine

The Blue and White is the monthly undergraduate magazine of Columbia University. It was founded in 1890 as a broadsheet weekly newspaper that competed with the then bi-weekly Columbia Spectator. Soon after, The Blue and White became a magazine.  Editor Sidney Treat CC 1893 wrote that purpose of the publication was “giving bright and newsy items, which are of interest to all of us, combined with truthful comments on the same, in order to show clearly the exact tone of the College.” Today, we still work in that vein.


Bwog (a portmanteau of “Blue and White” and “blog”) was founded in 2006 by Blue and White editors wishing to maintain a daily online presence for the magazine. Since then, it has become a general news and gossip blog that seeks to cover Columbia culture. Though Bwog is now wholly independent from the magazine, you can still view some of our articles there.