Letter from the Editor, April 2017


March has stormed in like a lion and left as a lamb. All the hallmarks of campus spring are in full flow. The once Canada-Goosed hermits have left Butler 209, sheathed their cigarettes, and now play soccer on the freshly-unrolled lawns. Campus livens with the influx of prospies naively blunderingly into insidious camp festivities not noticing the thorn beneath the rose. Soon marquees and steel framing will mark the end of the calendar year, Commencement, where we say farewell with tearful eyes to those who have so impressed our experiences here.
But before our school year melts into the liberty of summer or the real stress of adult life, we have compiled for your entertainment one last issue! For those of you who graduate, if ever you’ve wondered what your privileged status as a young alum gets you besides monthly reminders to donate, check out page 13. Additionally, for responses to the inevitable hailstorm of donation efforts the Prezbo weather machine will subject you too, I would suggest reading pages 10 and 11. And for those of you who still have vested interest in campus, the maelstroms of Morningside debate have ne’er wandered from our gaze, nor will they ever yet. Alexandra Warrick explores where the “line” lies in campus humor on page 14.
We hope the years to come see all Class of 2017 members happy and successful. Your guidance and involvement for your successors at Columbia will leave a long and lasting legacy. And, for those of you who will greet our new pages in September, we wish you a most propitious summer, and we hope, as always, to see you at our opening recruitment meetings.
Congratulations to all for completing so stoically the trials and tribulations of the 2016-2017 academic year!

— David Alexander Swanson

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