Campus Gossip, April 2017

On the eve of Barnard Admitted Students’ Weekend, a current Barnard student posted in the Class of 2021 Facebook page, “Can one of you tell me your schedule for admitted student weekend? I’m a host but I lost my copy of th[sic] schedule lol so I don’t know when/where to pick y’all up. And I like actually rly need this info tonight otherwise 2 of you won’t have a host lol.” An admitted student then replied with a screenshot of the schedule, taken from the Admissions Office’s website.


Overheard the day after Bacchanal: Someone describing Bacchanal to a friend but referring to it multiple times as “Spring Fling.”


White-collar criminal Martin Shkreli took to Columbia Buy Sell Memes to ask, “Excuse me, but is there a favorite bar in the area I can buy everyone here drinks at this evening? 21 and over only.”


A flyer in Hamilton reads: “How can we solve homelessness? Join the discussion and enjoy free Sweetgreen.”


The BWeditors had a party on April first. At least one editor emeritus thought that it was an April Fools’ joke but a good time was still had by most.


Lurknyc, a New York City skateboard crew, recently posted the 21st installment of their “New York Times” montage series which features footage from East Campus. In the video, a skateboarder successfully ollies (and unsuccessfully hardflips) from the top of the raised, grassy area in between IAB and the Law School over three trash cans before being told by a do-gooder that, “This is, uh, not a playground.”


A BWeditor and friends strolled into Delta Sigma Phi on the day of Bacchanal, unaware that the fraternity was hosting a closed mixer with Delta Gamma. After 10 minutes of mingling, the group was asked by a member of Delta Gamma, ~very politely~ to leave the party.


Rafael Ortiz, campus meme lord, added multitudes of Columbia and Barnard students as friends on Facebook, in addition to following them on Instagram.


One student, whilst black-out from the effects of alcohol, signed up to host three prospective students.


A few dozen students showed up to the Barnard Class of 2019 Majors Toast to collect the complimentary champagne flutes they were promised in the emailed invitation and, presumably, to toast to their futures by imbibing the same fluid that said flutes were advertised to be purposed for; the celebratory beverage distributed at the event was, however, of the nonalcoholic variety.

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